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Clubs & Communities

Old Scona is proud to have 32 student-led clubs and associations this 2023-2024 school year that cover a variety of interests, including community service, culture, hobbies and performing arts. These clubs, which run at lunch or after school, provide a fun space for students to socialize, plan events, and develop their interests! Roughly 120 student club executives are involved in running these clubs, and nearly all OSA students are in at least one club. 


Yearbook Club

Smile Club

OSA Math Society

French Club

Bollywood club

OSA Health Sciences Club



Hindu Students Association 

Gay-Straight Alliance

Old Scona Chess Club

OSA Art Society

OSA Writing Club

OSA Fibre Arts Club

Black Students Association


Games Club


OSA Kitchen Club


Chinese Cultural Club

Old Scona Computer Society

OSA Speech Club

STEM Fellowship

Anime Club

OSA Music Club

Brain Care Awareness

OSA Muslim Student's Association

Debate Club

OSA Key Club

Anybody Can Dance (ABCD)

Reach Club

Our Community Relationships

  • Heritage Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) Program
  • OSA School Council
  • OSA Alumni
  • Friends of Old Scona Academic
  • Alberta Health Services
  • University of Alberta