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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program provides opportunities for students to experiment with different media and techniques for making art. As students progress through the Art curriculum, they are able to explore and develop their own aesthetic and style as an artist. Along with direct teaching in specific skills and techniques for creating 2-D and 3-D artworks, students investigate the work of established artists (locally and globally), and examine art in its historical contexts. Students learn to discuss and analyze their work and the work of others. By the end of Art 30, students will have produced a body of work that they exhibit in a public venue (online or in person).

No previous experience is required for entry to Art 10. We also offer students the opportunity to take the Visual Arts IB course, which runs concurrently with the Art 20/30 program. The difference between the two programs is not in what is taught and learned, but how the students' process and artwork are documented and assessed. Art 10/20/30 is assessed by the classroom teacher. Students registered in Visual Arts IB (Art 20IB and 30IB) must complete 3 independent projects for assessment; 2 are assessed externally (to an IB examiner), and 1 is assessed by the classroom teacher. For more details on the IB program, please visit : https://ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/curriculum/the-arts/visual-arts/

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