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Drama is a performing arts course offered at OSA where the focus is on developing, exploring and creating within the context of community building activities, role playing, scripted text and multiple disciplines. No previous experience is required to register in Drama 10. The course sequence is followed by Drama 20, then Drama 30.


Drama is both an art form and a medium for learning and teaching. It can develop the whole person -- emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically, and socially -- by giving form and meaning to experience through “acting out”.


The overall goal of drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of roles and by acquisition of dramatic skills.


Dramatic growth parallels the natural development of the student This growth is fostered in an atmosphere that is non-competitive, cooperative, supportive, joyful, yet challenging.

~excerpts from the Alberta Program of Studies (emphasis added)


Students will study a variety of disciplines: Movement, Speech, Improvisation, Acting, Theatre Studies and Technical Theatre over the 3 years of the program. Specific art forms will be chosen based on student interest and experience. Example art forms include, but are not limited to, Musical Theatre, stage combat, improvisational theatre, scene work, and choral speech. In Drama 20 there is a focus on Play Writing, and in Drama 30 there is a focus on Directing/Design. 


There are also performance opportunities for students with our Winter Showcase in November/December and our One Act/Short Play Festival in April each year. Course fees go towards such things as supporting the performances (royalty payments, costumes, etc.), bringing in guest artists and field trips.


What will student gain by taking part in Drama? 

Students appreciate the sense of community built in the Drama program. Often, our classes are multi-levelled which means that students will be working with classmates from different grades. As well, we strive to create a safe environment that allows students to take risks with their work. Students have gone on to showcase their self-created work through NextFest, the Northern Alberta Improv League, Rapid Fire’s Wildfire Improv Festival, Workshop West’s Writes of Passage Program, and the City One Act Festival(Zone 8).

Drama 10 Drama 20 Drama 30

See the Course Guide for more details.