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At Old Scona, all Grade 10 students will take French, since a second language is a requirement of the IB Diploma
Programme in Grades 11 and 12. Students who have not completed French in Grade 9 will be provided with
resources to work independently to learn basic French skills before September 2024. We’ll share information after
students have accepted admission to OSA. Most students will enrol in French 10-9Y. However, students who have been in an immersion program, speak French at home or have studied French for several years may wish to be considered for registration in an accelerated program. This would allow students to advance directly to French 20-9Y in Grade 10.

As part of the requirement for the International Baccalaureate Programme, the study of a second language allows students to develop communication and literacy skills in French. Students will also develop an understanding and appreciation of Francophone cultures, world issues and intercultural awareness. Learning Canada’s second language will give students many benefits, including:

  • using French in the world of work, which can expand employment opportunities
  • facilitating travel to French-speaking areas and gaining an enriched perspective by communicating with people
    of different cultures in their own language the increased potential for mind-brain development through second-language learning

Students will be presented with differentiated assessments opportunities and demonstrate their understanding under a wide variety of situations.

French 10-9Y French 20-9Y French 30-9Y IB SL

See the Course Guide for more details.