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Old Scona Academic has been home to past and present young musicians from a variety of backgrounds. From inquisitive first-time learners to those that have displayed exceptional artistry and found personal success in the world of music, Old Scona’s music program offers hands-on mentorship, critical engagement, a comfortable and safe environment to take risks, and to discover new knowledge and perspectives.


Instrumental Music | 10, 20, 30

The core aspect of instrumental music is ensemble playing. The goal is to deliver a high-quality performance for concerts and music festivals throughout the school year. In doing so, students will learn to apply and adapt their skills in collaboration and leadership, as well as learning how their contributions affect the ensemble as a whole. The main instrument of focus will be wind and percussion type instruments, however near the end of every year we look forward to creating experiences with various other instruments that students have experience in. Students will also have the opportunity to learn from professionals, be part of out-of-school projects, and go on band trips.

Music IB

Designed for students who have a passion for music and wishes to take their skills further and learn how to better express their creativity in the form of music. The content adapts to student interest and curiosities, so students can have a more tailored experience in Music IB. However, in following with the Music IB curriculum, SL (Standard Level) IB students will be exploring, experimenting, and presenting the music that they wish to work with. In addition, HL (Higher Level) IB students will be creating and managing a music project that involves working with other clients. Students will also learn about sound engineering and music technology and have access to professional audio equipment in order to record, produce, mix, and master their music using industry standard knowledge.

Concert Band 10 Concert Band 20 IB Concert Band 30 IB HL/SL
  Concert Band 20 Concert Band 30
  General Music IB  

See the Course Guide for more details.