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Principal's Message

Welcome to Old Scona Academic. Old Scona Academic high school was established in 1976, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to challenge students who strive for excellence in all that they do. Students accepted to the school will receive instruction in both the Alberta Education and International Baccalaureate curricula.  Old Scona's legacy of academic excellence supports the school's focus as a university preparatory school. Our annual standardized achievement results continue to demonstrate that Old Scona is one of the top-achieving academic schools in the world.

The school's purpose is to provide motivated students who have demonstrated success and potential for growth with an opportunity to pursue a program of studies that challenges and enriches their learning experiences. As such, we are committed to:

  • challenging students in their development of academic discipline and excellence
  • enhancing their skills in language arts, the humanities, mathematics, the sciences, athletics, and performing arts
  • encouraging their development of the higher level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • promoting the characteristics of active and responsible citizenship
  • developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to pursue lifelong learning
  • fostering tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of people regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, or lifestyles

Old Scona is one of the oldest high schools in Western Canada and a leading academic centre for students wishing additional rigor and challenge in their studies. Every year our graduates receive a multitude of scholarships and access to some of the most prestigious universities in Canada and around the world. The pride, dedication, and hard work that our students place on their educational goals is not only the secret to their high school success, but also the basis to their continued success.

With a full population of approximately 360 students, our small school campus fosters a close-knit community where students get to know each other and are well supported by our staff. In addition, students can form close friendships and maintain a peer support structure that continues for rest of their lives. We are proud of the multi-cultural ethos in our school with students who come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs. Old Scona students bring their best to everything they do:  Academics, Athletics the Arts and a multitude clubs and activities offered at our school.

Old Scona Academic has something to offer any aspiring young mind that treasures the quest for knowledge, understanding and the opportunity to achieve their personal best in all that they do.  As an alternative program, students wanting to attend Old Scona must participate in an application process during the month of February (see About Old Scona – Registration).  Old Scona is an incredible community to be a member of!

W. Deys, M.Ed.




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