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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Student's Union

Old Scona Academic prides itself with a reputation of excellence.  With the help of our dedicated staff, we continue to learn and make the most of our opportunities.  As the Students’ Union, we strive to maintain a balanced environment at Old Scona – academic distinction, athletics, and above all, community.  Though our school is comprised of diverse individuals, we are a family.  Our excellence is not only obtained through personal aspirations, but is also attributed to the network of support and encouragement that helps us achieve our goals.

There are many ways to be involved in your Students’ Union.  Whether you attend school events or become a room representative, everyone’s participation contributes to S.U.’s success.  Most importantly, we need to hear your voice. Please do not hesitate to approach your S.U. representatives with your input; your ideas will help us improve our activities.  


 September elections:

Grade 10, 11, 12—Room Representative (one from each Social Studies class)

 May elections:

Grade 11 - President

Grade 11—Vice President Internal 

Grade 10—Vice President Finance


 All students are welcome to attend and participate in our weekly meetings.

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