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This year Old Scona ran an enriching music festival for grade 9 bands from across the Southside! It was a fantastic experience for students, teachers, and the high school volunteers (pictured above) alike. 

"The Old Scona Music Festival was the most progressive form of musical performance (and music festival) our school has participated in. The focus on growth through formative feedback, instead of a summative marks, provided an invaluable experience for student musicians to build-on and grow. The foundational underpinnings of music were reinforced and taught by the clinicians with prowess; as students were provided time to reflect on both their performances and the performances of their peers (modeling). Beyond the musical benefits,  our students were provided an opportunity to see Old Strathcona's extraordinary arts programs in action. Taking into account the number of Grandview Heights students who are considering Old Strathcona as their choice for High School, the music festival provided students with an opportunity to see the school, and feel a stronger connection. An often overlooked value in student activities is the professional development opportunities for teachers. The Old Strathcona Music Festival provided over 4 hours of direct band teacher feedback along with opportunities to network and hear each other's students perform. Musicians learn by experiencing, and the Old Strathcona Music Festival was a rich, immersive learning experience for students and staff."  - Adame Browne, music teacher, Grandview Heights School


Students who are in concert band have the opportunity to take Music at the IB (Standard) level. Through in-class performance and study as well as extra-curricular tutorials, students will explore: Western art music, jazz genres, and cultural music from around the world.


Students who participate in concert band have typically had 3 years prior experience on their instruments; however, new students are welcome to speak with the director about joining. Students will explore a wide range of music through performance, critical listening and historical analysis. Instruments are available for rent from the school.


Students who sing in concert choir have a wide range of experience and come together after school on Tuesdays to enjoy making music together! We learn to sing with interesting and fun repertoire, and explore the technical side of music through solfege and music theory.


Students who play in jazz band are looking for an extra challenge, as the course focuses on performing more advanced music and learning how to improvise. Students meet after school on Wednesday and play through standard swing charts, funk, rock and latin tunes. Preferably, students who are in jazz band are also in concert band, although this is not a prerequisite. Instruments are available for rent from the school.


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