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Students who are in concert band have the opportunity to take Music at the IB (Standard) level. Through in-class performance and study as well as extra-curricular tutorials, students will explore: Western art music, jazz genres, and cultural music from around the world.

Instrumental Music

Students who choose to participate typically have had 3 years of prior experience on a wind or percussion instrument; however, new students are welcome to speak with the director about joining. Through performance, students will improve upon their prior musical skills and knowledge and do a deeper dive in regards to their role as a member in a group ensemble setting with an emphasis on collaboration, responsibility, and professionalism. Students will have the opportunity to perform in live concerts, learn from professionals in the field, and develop their musical instincts. Most importantly, students are encouraged to come to class with their own ideas ranging from arrangement, and phrasing to performance styles and stage directions in order to contribute to the music that they will be performing. We are a warm and welcoming group who take pride and ownership of our ensemble.