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Students who are in concert band have the opportunity to take Music at the IB (Standard) level. Through in-class performance and study as well as extra-curricular tutorials, students will explore: Western art music, jazz genres, and cultural music from around the world.

Instrumental Music

Students who choose to participate typically have had 3 years prior experience on a wind or percussion instrument; however, new students are welcome to speak with the director about joining. Through performance, students will learn to take their skills to the next level by gaining further knowledge of musical history, music across cultures and through other perspectives on top of musical theory and ear training. Students also dive further into the real world of music by learning how to compose and arrange music responsibly, as well as learning to navigate the state of music and audio in the digital era by learning how to record, mix, and produce music as well as general audio using industry standard techniques with industry standard software. These skills along with a focus on collaboration, persistence, resilience, and professionalism can be used to help enhance not only students' performance capacity but also their capacity as citizens. Instruments are available for rent from the school.