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Welcome to the OSA English department!

We aim to prepare students for success with the Alberta Education and International Baccalaureate English curricula by creating engaging and authentic learning experiences. Ultimately, there are two goals our English Language Arts program at OSA strives to achieve. 

Firstly, we want students to appreciate and gain insight into the artistry of literature. Students will have opportunities to engage in a broad range of texts which will explore the world through multiple perspectives. The second goal is to give students the confidence to communicate formally and personally to their highest potential. By encouraging students to experiment with voice, style, genre, and context, we aim to foster growth, no matter the student’s comfort and skill with writing.

A balance of academic rigour, as well as enjoyment of writing and literature, is prioritized in our classrooms. We look forward to meeting you and working together to create a memorable high school experience in English Language Arts!