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Friends of Old Scona Academic (FOSA)

FOSA is a parent run volunteer organization that supports Old Scona students through various fundraising activities each year.  The funds raised are used to purchase items needed to enrich student learning, or assure students with access to technology in all classrooms. 

FOSA meetings are held in conjunction with the School Council meetings and normally on a monthly basis.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each September and includes the election of executives for the new school year. 


May 2023 - Proposed amendments to the FOSA bylaws are listed in the FOSA Meeting Minutes - May 12, 2023.   Please look them over and bring any concerns to the September  AGM.


Here is agenda for the Sept. 14, 2023 FOSA - AGM meeting. FOSA - AGM - Sept 14, 2023