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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.




Old Scona Academic’s small size offers students unique, challenging and rewarding opportunities to demonstrate their character attributes and leadership abilities.  Because of our small size, students are able to develop supportive and cooperative inter-personal relationships and never feel lost in the crowd.  “Students helping students” is a way of life at Old Scona Academic, and this learning network stays intact into post-secondary life.




Old Scona Academic provides an atmosphere of cooperation, sharing, tolerance and achievement.  Students quickly realize that their teachers and fellow students provide stimulation and motivation for learning and that it is their responsibility to reciprocate within this enriched cultural environment.  Students are challenged to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary in the pursuit of lifelong learning.  In addition they are encouraged to appreciate the strength that emerges from within the school’s diversity and to recognize the impact of volunteerism in our community.




Old Scona Academic is often referred to as a university prep school.  A high percentage of our graduates receive advance placement at universities across Canada and find that after experiencing the challenging academic environment at Old Scona, their transition to post-secondary studies is seamless.  Old Scona graduates attribute their successful post-secondary adjustment to the following:  high expectations in high school, the development of a thorough academic foundation, a peer network and the self-confidence gained from having learned solid organizational and time management skills.




  • Recognized nation-wide as being one of the top academic high schools
          in Canada.
  • Universities from across Canada actively recruit graduating students.
  • Virtually all graduates earn the full Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.
  • Students are very successful on the IB exams, surpassing the world IB
  • Virtually 100% of graduates achieve Acceptable Standard on diploma
          exams, and 70% - 90% of graduates achieve Standard of Excellence.
  • Nearly 100% of graduating students proceed to post-secondary
          to continue their education.
  • Students consistently place at the top in both provincial and national
          academic contests in both academics and athletics.
  • Students have been very successful in city, regional, provincial and
          national curricula and extra curricula competitions.
  • Students participate in a variety of impressive fine arts performances.
  • Students participate in a wide range of school clubs, sports and
          volunteer activities.
  • Students provide reading and assistance programs for local elementary
  • OSA is a wireless environment where students are encouraged to bring
          their own laptops for classroom and research use.
  • Every classroom is equipped with an interactive SMART board and
          document camera.