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The Students' Union has sanctioned the following student lead clubs for 2016-17

ABCD (AnyBody Can Dance) ABCD is the club where you can forget about everything else for a while and just let loose to have some fun!! No previous dance experience is required; just come out to have a good time exploring a variety of different dance styles. :)
Action for International Disasters (AID) AID is a club dedicated to supporting victims of devastating international crises and providing relief for those who are affected.
Amnesty International Club Amnesty International Club is dedicated to advocating for human rights!
Anime Club We watch anime and do Japanese-themed events! (thurs lunch art room)
Arts and Crafts Club A place where students can let their artistic side flow and learn and improve on their crafting skills.
Athletics Council We assist Mr.Karas in running the OSA Athletics Program by organizing intramurals, the Athletics Banquet and coordinating team clothing and photos.
Baking Club We have monthly baking exchanges and biweekly meetings. During the meetings, we have discussions about the themes of exchanges and food is provided
Blind Awareness!! Blind Awareness promotes awareness (aha) and reintegration for those with vision impairment through volunteering and fundraising
Bollywood Dance Club Bollywood is a club where you can learn Bollywood dances alongside your best friends! No prior experience required!
Brain Care Youth Brain Care Youth strives to raise awareness and fundraiser in support of neuroinjury rehabilitation in Edmonton!
Brain Care Youth Brain Care Youth strives to raise awareness and fundraise in support of brain injury rehabilitation in Northern Alberta
City Care A group dedicated to local charities and events. Come love your city and the ones around you!
Community Connections We aim to better the lives of Edmontonians by volunteering with various local organizations like Christmas Bureau and Boyle Street.
Free the Children Weekly on Wednesdays. We are a part of Me to We and do various (and fun) volunteer activities (We scare hunger etc.). We are a very student run club that focuses on issues we see in the community and beyond.
Gender Equality Club A place to learn and discuss issues of gender discrimination affecting men and women, and find solutions for them in our school and global community.
Harry Potter Alliance Harry Potter Alliance unites people with common interests surrounding Harry Potter to promote activism within the community.
Hip Hop Club To provide classes to teach members different styles of hip hop and perform for the OSA community.
Hope@Home We address any and all local issues that are affecting our lives at OSA—our home! And generally promote happiness :)
Humans Of OSA Like Humans of New York but at OSA
Improv Club Improv Club teaches improv acting through games and scenes! No experience or materials required and regular attendance is not needed!
Improv Team Improv Team participates at Nosebowl - a competition with other highschoolers in the Citadel (we also go on field trips)!
Jack.org Working to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and facilitate positive mental health through events and activities
Knit & Stitch A club that teaches how to knit and crochet, and develops your skills through projects.
Le Club Français (French club) Encourages and enhances French language and cultural understanding amongst club members through games, events and discussions.
Le Club Français (French club) Encourages and enhances French language and cultural understanding amongst club members through games, events and discussions.
Le Club Français (French club) Encourages and enhances French language and cultural understanding amongst club members through games, events and discussions.
Learning Beyond Borders Bi-Weekly, Tuesdays - Support 2 schools in Uganda and have yearly awareness and support fundraisers. We have a UofA counterpart so this is a great club for long term volunteer commitment (which looks awesome on uni applications)
Little Earth Club Environmental club that raises awareness regarding sustainable development and awareness amongst students and teachers
MSA (Muslim Students Association) To encourage awareness about Islamophobia and to fundraise for charitable causes :)
Multicultural Club We strive to promote the various cultures within OSA through our annual events, such as the Talent Showcase and Culture Fest.
OSA Cancer Society OSACS raises awareness for cancer, fundraises for cancer-related organizations, and volunteers at hospitals to help patients.
OSA Chess Club Teaching beginners and preparing more experienced players for competitions
OSA GSA A club for providing a safe space for LGBT+ people and to promote awareness on LGBT+ issues!
OSA Reading Buddies We help and encourage students in grade 1 and 2 at Queen Alex Elementary to read
OSA Rotary Interact Club Working with our sponsors club, Rotary Club hosts local and international humanitarian projects following a theme chosen by our members!
Osa Super Smash Bros Club A club for everyone to relax and de-stress outside of school.
OSAF OSAF aims to build an inclusive environment where people can come together to celebrate and unite in their faith!
P.E.T We are a club that fundraises money to donate to organizations that save endangered animals.
Photography & Yearbook Club We design the yearbook and take photos for school events. Come learn photography and graphic design!
Reach for the Top Reach for the Top (also known just as Reach) is a Canadian academic quiz competition for high school students.
Right to Play We raise money through a benefit concert and intramural tournaments for children in Africa to have the opportunity to play sports!
Smile Club Offers volunteer opportunities for students and fundraises for the Stollery Children's Hospital.
Society for Engineering and Technology SENGGTECH was founded for Olympians looking to pursue careers in engineering and technology. We raise money/awareness for Engineers Without Borders and foster an engineering mindset for future STEM leaders!
Society for Surgical Innovation and Medicine (SSIM) SSIM was established to foster a sense of responsibility and community amongst medically inclined individuals and provide learning and volunteer opportunities in the field!
Strength in Learning Strength in Learning works to help children and women in areas of poverty get access to education, and spreading love around the world!??????
UNICEF We fundraise and raise awareness for UNICEF. Wowzers unicef is best cef.
World Issues Club An open forum for students to present on, discuss, and vent about current events!
World Vision Raise awareness and fundraise for people in need. Also we sponsoring a child
Writing Club A place to learn and practise many types, genres and aspects of writing, in addition to showcasing everyone’s unique creativity.
Youth Ambassadors Individuals with a passion to help celebrate the birthdays of children without the means to do so themselves.
Yoyo Club A chillax club where students can learn new tricks, make new friends and discover a new talent!
Smile Club We are a volunteer based club that helps students find new opportunities and give back to their community!
Key Club Our club is part of an international organization recognized worldwide as one of the oldest clubs for youth engagement. We are committed to leadership, group initiative and personal development through the implementation of projects supporting this year's theme of eradicating neonatal tetanus in developing countries.
Red Cross Our club supports the humanitarian initiatives of the Red Cross around the world. Through fundraisers and volunteering around the community, our club hopes to make a difference for some of the most vulnerable in our world.