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Registration information for the 2019-20 school year

The application is a two step process.
1) Send us a completed application form by February 22, 2019.
2) Register and write the entrance exam.
Application Form
Below is a link to the 2019-20 Application form.
Application Form 2019-20
Entrance Exam Registration
Click on this link to register for our entrance exam.
Old Scona Parent Information Session Registration        

We will be sharing information on the application process on January 19th in our school auditorium (parking is limited). There are 3 sessions please pick one session.  Please register for this session by clicking on this link.

We have opened up additional overflow sitting in classrooms for perspective students and parents who wish to attend the information session. We will be live streaming a session on January 19th, a link and time will be posted here on January 15th. Note: The week following the parent information session a link to a recorded presentation will be available here.


General Information About Our School's Registration Process
Each year Old Scona has approximately 120 positions available to grade 10 students.  

The Old Scona Entrace Exam will include all 4 core subjects. The 2019 Exam is constructed in the following manner:

Section 1 - English and Social Studies 25 multiple questions in each subject. The English portion is based on 3 different readings. There will be 10 additional questions related to Logic and Critical Thinking Skills - 60 minutes for section 1

Section 2 - Math and Science 22 multiple choice and 3 numeric response in each subject. 60 minutes for section 2

Total Exam Writing time: 2 hours plus an additional 30 minutes to complete forms and to transition between exam booklets.

Potential Marks 110 possible marks


No electronic devices - translators, dictionaries or cellphones can be used during the exam session at any time. Students are required to bring current school photo identification, sharpened pencils and erasers.

The subject sections of the exam reflect elements of the junior high curriculum along with some enrichment, application and critical thinking questions. The intention is to provide an opportunity for all applicants to be evaluated with a common measure. We know that all applicants are strong academic students. The best way to prepare for the exam is to ensure a good nights sleep, arrive early and follow all of the supervisors directions throughout the exam.


Please note that no additional information about the content of the entrance exam will be shared over the phone or at the school.

For information regarding the process of selecting students for the 2019-2020 academic year review the Application Form or see below:

45% of an applicant's OSA entrance score comes from the exam.

45% of an applicant's OSA entrance score comes from the 4 grade 9 cumulative core subject marks that are submitted with the application.

10% of an applicant's OSA entrance score comes from the Principal recommendation that is part of the application.

All of that data is compiled into a speadsheet and students are then ranked based on the OSA entrance score they have earned.  The top 120 (approximately) are invited to attend OSA in the fall. The exact number to be accepted is not yet confirmed as we work to maintain an overall school enrolment of 360 students.

The students selected for 2019-2020 based on the above information will receive a personal call. You will be asked to confirm your attendance at that time. If you require time to make your decision, you will be given 24 hours to respond or your position will be given to another applicant. The process of notifying applicants takes several weeks as we do not make calls during the day. You may hear from OSA up to and including April 5th as that is our deadline to notify applicants.

Students not selected for admission to OSA will receive an automated call instructing them to consider other quality schools within Edmonton Public.

Students seeking admission in their grade 11 year must follow exactly the same process, submitting grade 10 marks.  Admission at the grade 11 level is limited.  The numer of positions cannot be determined until later in March.  The deadline to notify a student for admission in grade 11 is in early April.

International Students application will not be accepted.

Students from Alberta, but not residing within Edmonton will only be considered for entrance after candidates from Edmonton are assesed.

NON RESIDENT APPLICANTS (please click on the link below to read a letter from our principal)

non-resident letter (2019)

Thank you for your interest in Old Scona Academic High School.